Abundant Thanks and Love from Our Family to Yours

Abundant Thanks and Love from Our Family to Yours

The Fette Family has so much to be thankful for this year. My family has grown far and wide, stretching across Erlanger and beyond. The phrase, it takes a village, comes to mind when I think back over the last 10 months since I decided to run for mayor. When I reflect on the campaign, the overwhelming feeling of love fills my heart. I want to tell the story of a few special individuals that came into my life and surrounded me with support. To these individuals no words of thanks will ever feel like enough.

Tyson, Julie, Jonah, Elysse, and Zane –
Thank you –

For being so giving of your time and energy. For your dedication to the city of Erlanger and all our neighbors. Tirelessly walking door to door, participating in sign waves, attending meet and greets, introducing me to your friends, providing moral support and showing dedication throughout the entire campaign.  Most of all I treasure our friendship.

Diana, Steve, Jeff, & Don Niceley –
Thank you –

For your unwavering support and consistent dedication. From attaching signs that had to be reached by tall ladders, to talking with your friends and acquaintances, you decorated your cars, proudly walked door to door with me, and waved signs on street corners in the pouring rain. We sure had fun!

Brian and Heather Arlinghaus –
Thank you –

For the use of your building and allowing me to turn it into campaign headquarters. For allowing me to do something that has never been done before in Erlanger. For giving me a special place to work and gather.

Kelley Westwood, David Clegg, and Rhonda Wolfe –
Thank you –

For being my spiritual guidance, my reminder of inner strength and refocusing on the fact that we are not in control. For being a guiding light that centered me on what really matters.

Jim Perry
Thank you –

For being my biggest supporter and tirelessly working towards success. For building the coolest parade float and being the original Fette Campaign Headquarters. For remembering all the little things that added special touches to everything we did. You went above and beyond!

Jessica Marsh & Jessica Farmer –
Thank you –

For always being by my side and always making time to keep me strong and true to who I am at my core. For having fun and being bright, light spots in each day.

Marcia –
Thank you –

You are my right hand. You kept my house and kids in order, by feeding, bathing, and providing countless hours of homework help. For your guidance and support and most of all, the foundation you and Dave built to bring me my husband Jim.

Mom and Dad –
Thank you –

For the unending love and support. For your willingness to answer each call for assistance whether it be just to talk or making an entire dinner for a hundred people. For not being afraid to challenge me to be better. Being a harsh critic but always having it come from a place of fierce love and desire to improve. For showing me the work ethic necessary to accomplish great things.

Jim –
Thank you –

For being strong when I needed strength. For being tender when I needed compassion. For being wise when I needed guidance. For being talented and freely offering your skills for the betterment of my campaign. For being super dad when mom was out campaigning. For being supportive, loving of me and our continuous adventure. We are great partners!

Team Fette –
Thank you –

There are so many people that weren’t listed above but played a huge role in the success. Please know how grateful I am for each and every one of you.

Data Driven Success –

Over 380 unique sign locations, participation in 4 parades, over 1,250 cards sent out, 33 T-shirt Tuesdays, 7,785 mailers sent out, over 600,000 online ad impressions, over 4,100 doors were knocked on by either me or a representative of me and countless emails, phone calls and text messages. We tried to leave no stone unturned. Voter turnout exceeded every expectation that was set from previous elections.  Our projections and analysis said we would see between 4,500 – 5,000 people come out to vote on November 6th.  In reality, over 5,800 Erlanger citizens voted on Election Day.

Once again, thank you so much for your generous and abundant support.


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