Utilizing the Resources Around Us

Erlanger’s location within Kenton County puts us at a huge advantage. Our city offers the best of both worlds, close access to the city while still being in the suburbs. We have a very diverse population so understanding the needs of each individual neighborhood is crucial. We have a growing business community that needs to be supported and nurtured. We have established neighborhoods that are in some locations are in need of reinvestment to maintain and increase property values. Newer neighborhood developments that need to be carefully planned and built according to what our vision of Erlanger is for the future.

Erlanger must utilize resources within our community partners that can offer assistance in moving us in the right direction. Partners such as Planning and Development Services (PDS), Kenton Co. Fiscal Court, Northern Kentucky Area Development District and Tri-ED all play a huge role in setting the direction for Kenton County and the NKY area as a whole. We need to work with these partners to make sure Erlanger is a part of positive future of Kenton County and this region as a whole. It’s also crucial to build relationships with our surrounding cities. We do this already within our Fire and EMS with mutual aid contracts. Erlanger can only benefit by building partnerships and a support system within the region.

Data Driven Decision Making

Story Maps through PDS – a Story Map is a visual depiction of a need within a community. The goal of a story map is to analyze a wide variety of tabular data and present them in a more visual format that facilitates understanding by the public and its elected leaders. This can be used to present to the state to try to receive funding.

  • Partnering with PDS Link GIS Team to create a Story Map for Stevenson Road
  • Partnering with Independence and PDS Link GIS Team to create a Story Map for Richardson Road

Reinvestment within our Communities

  • Partnering with Kenton Co. Tri-ED and the NKADD to understand how to keep property values moving in the right direction. Working with the Homebuilders Association about land that is owned by the city that needs to be put to good use.


Project details

  • We Are Not Alone: We are surrounded by cities, counties and other organizations that we can partner with to achieve our goals together.
  • Road Work Ahead: PDS can help us sell our needs to the state for much needed work on main arteries to the city.
  • Reinvestment: Kenton County Tri-ED and the NKADD can work with Erlanger on continuing property value increases citywide.

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