Exciting Ideas to Move Our City Forward - Jeff Niceley Endorses Jessica Fette

Exciting Ideas to Move Our City Forward - Jeff Niceley Endorses Jessica Fette

I moved to Erlanger in 1971, and am proud to call Erlanger my hometown.  I have invested my heart, time, and money into our community.  My family has operated a business in Erlanger for 25 years.

I have seen many changes to our city over the years.  Notably, a 10% tax has been added to all of our insurance policies, and up until the last couple years, taxes have risen steadily.  Furthermore, little has been done to assist our small businesses.  Small businesses are the backbone of our community.  When businesses are successful, the entire community benefits.

Enter Jessica Fette

Two years ago, Jessica Fette was elected to city council.  She has been a breath of fresh air to our community from creating the city’s first Heroin Town Hall, to creating the city’s first Hiring Event for local businesses.

I have gotten to know Jessica through the Erlanger Business Council, which she founded.  Each week Jessica brings together local businesses to find ways for them to be more successful, encourage new business development, and enhance the community in which we live, work, and play.  Nearly 75 small businesses are taking part in this!

Support Jessica Fette

Jessica continually demonstrates a strong work ethic, and clearly has exciting ideas to continue moving our city forward.  I support Jessica Fette for Erlanger Mayor, and ask you to vote for her on November 6.

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