Strengthening Relationships

As Mayor, I commit to strengthening the relationships between city government, local businesses and our citizens.  Our city’s business leaders best understand their own needs and it is vital for Erlanger to continue an open dialog ensuring that these needs are met.  Businesses generate the bulk of the tax revenue for the city. By encouraging new and continued investment by our businesses, we can provide our citizens continued tax decreases which began three years ago.

Immediate Action

As a current city council member, I am privileged to start this work immediately and will not wait until after the election.  By working with our current Mayor and City Council, these projects and ideas start today but will continue to be championed and nurtured when elected as Mayor.

Real Solutions

  • Building a Erlanger Business Association that will consist of business leaders and owners from across our city.  The EBA will be used to generate ideas to assist in the retention and recruitment of businesses to Erlanger.  Businesses of all sizes are welcome to join in a regularly scheduled meeting to network and discuss ideas and solutions.
  • Continuing the Ready Set Hire Erlanger program that I created to bring Erlanger businesses together for walk in interviews from candidates from the area.  This event is invaluable to both businesses needing labor and individuals needing employment.  
  • Creating a Small Business Tax Incentive which would be the first of its kind in the Northern Kentucky region.  We will be pioneers by creating a tax incentive that targets both new and existing businesses for investing in our city.

Project details

  • Erlanger Business Association: Tapping our local business leaders for a continuing dialog on business recruitment and retention.
  • Ready Set Hire Erlanger: Continuing the hiring event which features Erlanger businesses to get those that need work in touch with employers.
  • Small Business Tax Incentive: Pioneering an incentive in NKY for new and existing businesses in Erlanger.

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