Accomplished and Driven - Mayor Tyson Hermes Endorses Jessica Fette

Accomplished and Driven - Mayor Tyson Hermes Endorses Jessica Fette

As you may know, I have decided not to run for re-election as Mayor of Erlanger.  The past four years have been extremely rewarding as the city has accomplished many of the items that I wanted to see done.

There is a candidate for Mayor that has my backing.  I have been so glad to see so much support for Mrs. Jessica Fette for Mayor!  She has truly been a blessing to our City Council.  She has accomplished so much in her time in service!

  • She organized a Town Hall to answer questions about help for people struggling with opiate addiction.
  • She developed and organized Erlanger’s first-ever Hiring Event for Erlanger businesses.
  • She was elected to the Kenton County Planning and Development Services (PDS) Management Board.
  • She formulated and helped to create the Police Social Worker position in Erlanger, to help be proactive when it comes to repeated calls on 911 services.
  • She was the driving force behind Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave for City Employees.
  • She is organizing an Erlanger Business Council.
  • She led and organized the Stevenson Road Storyboard to help the state fund the improvement of Stevenson Road.
    • It is important to know that the State of KY has now committed $800,000 to the re-design of the Stevenson Road corridor this upcoming year, and has designated another $1,000,000 to the acquisition of right-of-way next fiscal year!
  • She responded to the request of several residents, and suggested additional garbage cans to be installed along Stevenson Rd. to help with litter.  That was completed in 2017.
  • She was selected as a finalist for the LEGACY’s Next Generation Leader Award.
  • She collaborated with citizens to make Meaningful Improvements to the Drees Development Plan for the Narrows Rd farm property based on their concerns.
  • She increased oversight of spending by Producing a Cost/Benefit Analysis prior to City Initiated Foreclosures

Jessica is a fiscally responsible public servant.  She supports tax rate decreases and wants to improve our community.  Together, Jessica and her husband Jim have three beautiful children.  She is a business owner who believes in data-driven decision making.  Her time at Fidelity, and her implementation of Kaizen (the Japanese philosophy of constant improvement) show through many of her accomplishments.

Please take a moment to get to know Mrs. Jessica Fette.  Give her a phone call, (859) 878-2309.  Check out her website, her Facebook page, or her Instagram feed.  Drop her an email at I believe you will see why I endorse Jessica Fette for Mayor of Erlanger.  I hope she can count on your vote on November 6th, 2018.

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