Course of Action for Erlanger's Future

Course of Action for Erlanger's Future

Communication has been a strong focus for me during my time on council to inform Erlanger citizens on what is taking place in government and our community.  I intend to introduce strong leadership to the Mayor’s office through effective communication of my course of action for the future of Erlanger.  In alignment with my vision, I have three key items I will be focusing on as Mayor.

Reduce Taxes

As Mayor, I will work to Reduce taxes by finding efficiencies within existing policies through a method of continuous improvement called Kaizen and by driving economic growth to expand our revenue streams.

  • Utilizing software and metrics to fuel data driven decision making.
  • Transforming the City’s Economic Development department to offer a support system for our existing businesses with an open dialogue and a renewed relationship.
  • Establishing a brand for our city by creating a marketing campaign to advertise to prospective businesses while educating on the advantages of locating in Erlanger.
  • Assisting in the creation of an Erlanger Business Association for continual support and communication.  Business owners and leaders would have a forum for discussion of future policy enhancements and community involvement opportunities.
  • Continuing incremental decreases to property taxes while additionally taking aim at reducing insurance premium taxes.

Rebuild Infrastructure

As Mayor, I will work to Rebuild existing sidewalks and streets that are in disrepair which includes a renovation to Stevenson Road.

  • Adding new sidewalks to all street rebuild projects.
  • Collaborating with community partners, state officials and city leaders for a long term solution to Stevenson Road.
  • Enhancing our parks through community gardens and community plant days.

Re-Energize the Community

As Mayor, I will Re-Energize community involvement and look beyond our city boundaries for fresh ideas and resources available to our citizens.

  • Offering creative solutions to assist with the mitigation of blight within our community.
  • Creating a talent inventory for citizens that have talents they are willing to share with their neighbor.  “Lending a hand when needed.”
  • Organizing community build and cleanup days.
  • Investigating a homeowner’s reinvestment tax incentive.
  • Nuture the Police Social Services Coordinator position and expand to incorporate an Angel Program for addiction services.
  • Continue collaborating with regional leaders to address the ever evolving mental health crisis.

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