Integrity and Leadership by Example - Dennis Coyne Endorses Jessica Fette

Integrity and Leadership by Example - Dennis Coyne Endorses Jessica Fette

Roof Repair Leads to Revolution

I met Jessica a little over a year ago as a result of an issue that came before Erlanger Codes Enforcement Board involving a resident who had code violations.  We’ll call her Mary to protect her privacy.  Mary’s home badly needed a roof repair and had a tarp over it that was unsightly and caused issues with the neighbor.  Mary plead her case that she and her husband did not have the money to repair it and that was the reason for the tarp.

Jessica somehow discovered that I volunteered with St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) NKY that helps people in need.  She did not know what we could do but ended up reaching me.  As a volunteer I with SVdP, I wasn’t sure what we could do, but I said we would try.  Long story short, with major help from a foundation we contacted, our own resources, and Deer Park Roofing, we repaired the roof for the family.

Without Jessica’s intervention to help an Erlanger resident, the code violations would have continued to mount and the family might have been foreclosed and evicted.  This was beyond and above the call of duty.  But Jessica is a person who cares.  She cares about all our citizens.  To say the least I was impressed by her outreach to help others.

Concern Led to Action

But it did not stop here.  Her concern led to action.  She heard about a police social worker position in Alexandria that tries to help citizens resolve issues before legal action is pursued.  Through her research and initiative, she proposed that Erlanger consider a similar position for our residents.  Through her efforts and the cooperation of our city Council, a social worker position became a reality for our residents.  As a result, code violations have drastically been reduced.

My neighbors, this is what leadership is about.  A leader is a person who makes things happen.  Good leaders have 2 very basic traits: integrity and leadership through example.  This is who and what Jessica Fette is.  She gets it that civic duty is about “We the people” and not “me the mayor.”  She will serve the City of Erlanger well.  If she looked out for the least of our residents, she will serve all the residents.

I base my evaluation of Jessica from my experience as a junior officer with the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam.  I got to see the best and the worst.  She is an example of the best.  My work experience in private industry, teaching high school, and working for four federal agencies further confirms my opinions on her fitness as a leader.

My wife, Pat, and I will be voting for Jessica November 6.  We hope you will too.

Dennis Coyne

Lt. Colonel USAR retired

Past President of Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity

Member – Society of St. Vincent de Paul NKY

Erlanger resident since 2005

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  1. Georgette Nordloh

    Jessica is truly a person with a huge heart and works hard on behalf of others!

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