Always Willing to Speak up and Speak out to Make a Difference - Jessica Marsh Endorses Jessica Fette for Mayor

Always Willing to Speak up and Speak out to Make a Difference - Jessica Marsh Endorses Jessica Fette for Mayor

Friend and Resident

I am a lifelong friend of Jessica Fette. I am a resident of Erlanger. My husband and I grew up in Erlanger and purchased our current home two years ago, just up the street from my childhood home in Misty Creek! I fully endorse Jessica Fette for Erlanger Mayor.

It’s interesting to see your friends grow up and see the person you knew as a kid become the individual they are today.  As a teenager, Jessica was always a dreamer and an advocate for others.  She could recognize situations where she could help out and was always willing to speak up and speak out to make a difference in her school and neighborhood.

Police Social Worker

One of her greatest accomplishments while on city council was the creation of the police social worker position. Jessica saw a need in our community, did research and found a way to help. She reached out to neighboring communities and learned of the position working so well in Alexandria. With the help of our fire and police chiefs along with support from members across departments in the city, the social worker position was born.

It was her passion for others that made this possible. Jessica has an immense understanding of what our city needs. She sees the need to grow this position and bring in other programs, such as the angel care program for those struggling with heroin addiction.

In addition to this position, she’s worked with others to take a proactive stance on dealing with the heroin crisis in our city.  By organizing the first town hall in Kenton County for heroin, Jessica brought leaders from healthcare, law enforcement, metal health resources and citizens together to discuss how the community can help their family, friends and neighbors struggling with addiction.

Inspiring Others to Make a Difference

She’s pushed me to get more involved in the community.  Between my family and friends, I had discussed the possibility of having improvements made to Misty Creek Park.  My family had money that we were willing to donate to make this happen, but this remained only an idea until Jessica challenged me to present the idea to the Mayor and council so that I could have an impact on my community.

I believe in Jessica Fette because she has a long record of helping those she may never meet, helping those who may not be able to help themselves and inspiring others to make an impact in their community.

My family and friends will be voting for Jessica Fette on November 6th, and I encourage you and yours to do the same.

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