Jessica Fette Elected to PDS Management Board

Jessica Fette Elected to PDS Management Board

I’m excited to announce that I have been elected to the Management Board for Planning and Development Services of Kenton County. I will be one of a seven member management board that’s responsible for hiring the executive director, setting direction for PDS staff and overseeing the crafting of the annual work program, budget, plus the day-to-day operations. Erlanger will be playing a pivotal role to drive planning and economic development for the entire county.

I want to thank the mayors and council members from the Kenton County cities that make up the PDS Council for their overwhelming vote of confidence in my ability to be a strong asset to the board. I greatly look forward to serving.

Good News for Erlanger

My election to the Management Board of PDS further highlights my commitment to embracing our community partners.  We have already begun to work with PDS on a story map for Stevenson Road.  I documented my intentions of working with PDS in a note on my Facebook page back in November.  The goal of a story map is to analyze wide varieties of data and present them in a visual format that facilitates understanding to the public and elected leaders. PDS offers this product as part of the normal services that are available to cities in Kenton County.  This process has been successful for the intersection at Buttermilk Pike and Orphanage Road in Ft. Mitchell, gaining the support of our state representatives for action.

Please make sure to visit the Planning and Development Services of Kenton County website for more details on their offerings for our county.

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  1. Mindy loan

    I’ve lived in Erlanger for 31 years. I was very excited to see that you are hiring a social worker for the city. I like the way you think. And I look forward to the next mayoral election! You bring a refreshing out look to the future of our city. Thank you!

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