Stevenson Road - Progress Doesn’t Happen by Accident

Stevenson Road - Progress Doesn’t Happen by Accident


On November 13th 2017, I shared an idea to the citizens of Erlanger discussing the creation of a story map for Stevenson Road. This developed from attending a symposium and listening to Tricia Brush and Emi Randall, from Planning and Development Services, speak about the service and product they offer all cities in Kenton County.

The goal of a story map is to analyze a wide variety of tabular data with pictures, videos, and testimonials. The information is then presented in a visual format that facilitates understanding of an issue by the public and elected leaders.

The Stevenson Road Committee and city leadership assisted PDS in gathering the data and identifying key issues including drainage, road condition, traffic patterns, and the sidewalks. The story map is now completed and is already being used by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KTC) as they start the improvement process. $800,000 has been allocated in the KTC budget for fiscal year 2019 for the redesign of Stevenson Road with another million dollars for fiscal year 2020 being allocated for right away acquisition.

This is a huge breakthrough for our citizens that travel Stevenson Road everyday of their lives and the city as a whole. Progress doesn’t happen by accident. Progress comes from setting goals and continually striving to achieve them.

Thank you PDS for being an amazing partner in this process.  It is with your help that we were able to elevate this decades long issue to the forefront of Frankfort to show the need Erlanger has for improvements on Stevenson Road.

Please take some time to view the Stevenson Road Story Map.

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  1. Marty Cahill

    Interesting study. Having lived in and around Erlanger for most of my 63 years, Stephenson Road has always been trouble going back to the days of creeping suburbia. It was an old country road never intended to handle the volume of traffic that it now handles. I applaud your effort to get it updated. Hope you are successful.

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