The Friendship City Deserves Better

The Friendship City Deserves Better

I’ve made every effort to not respond to flagrant lies, misrepresentations of my character and hurtful insults.

This is different.

This fell into the hands of one of my children and she saw a side of the world she wasn’t ready for.

Yesterday, I received a mailing filled with shameful misrepresentations and blatant lies.  I was relieved that I was the one who got the mail and not one of my children.  Unfortunately, later in the day, my daughter Grace found it on my desk and immediately began asking what some of the words meant and why someone would say these things.

We sat down and I proceeded to walk through the “Fette Fact Check” and explain line by line what was being implied and what happened or in some cases, never occurred.

Enclave Block Party

As a kid growing up in Woodlyn Hills, the highlight of our block party was the parade that was led by the firetrucks and ambulances.  The most recent Lakemont “Parade around the Pond” was modeled after those block parties from when my husband and I were kids.  The Fire Department brought ambulances and firetrucks and the Public Works department brought a snow plow for the kids to see up close and sit in.

While walking door to door in the Enclave, the newest subdivision in Erlanger, a resident invited myself and Tyson Hermes to their block party.  The firefighters were also extended an invitation to this block party, similar to what’s been done for other neighborhoods for decades – it is community outreach that is offered out by our Fire Chief.

Something so innocent and productive can easily be twisted for personal gain.

Erlanger Mayoral Candidate Forum

I continued to explain to Grace the candidate forum that was held at the library a couple of weeks ago where I was asked the question “How would you as mayor deal with 12 different personalities?”  I gave an answer talking about how I worked to gain consensus from council on the Stevenson Road Story Map project.  I talked about the importance of education and transparency not only with government officials but also our citizens; and walked through what took place to make this project possible.

Not only was this statement on the mailer not in the spirit of what I stated, it’s not even a direct quote.  You can watch the question and my response in the video below.


In addition, from the day my website went live, I’ve stated my commitments to current council members, as referenced below.

Life Lessons from Ugly Rhetoric

The hardest thing to explain to Grace was that the final two items were total lies.  She couldn’t grasp why someone would fabricate something about her mother.

We can’t control the actions and words of other people.  In times of trial and suffering we must learn to rise above; to constantly be driven by our faith, our strong morals and our family values; to always put truth and honesty over personal gain.

I was told in the beginning of my campaign that I was making myself and my family a target.  I underestimated that threat.  I have been lied about, assaulted, threatened, belittled and disrespected throughout this campaign.  I have had people that I called friends turn on me.  Before every action I take with my campaign, I have to ask myself, “how could this be used against me.”

Despite the negativity, nothing compares to the love, support, and comfort that has surrounded me.  I have made new friends who I would have never met if I hadn’t decided to run for mayor.  I am constantly in awe of the humanity and gracious nature of the people of Erlanger.

If it is meant to be, it will be.  I trust that God will push me in the right direction.  I believe that if I can’t win on my own merit, then I don’t want to win.

I will continue to hold true to a clean campaign because that is what the Friendship City deserves and needs so desperately.

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  1. Valerie Johnson

    Jessica I am so very sorry that your children are having to witness the unhealthy and cruel side of humanity. I will say I appreciate the way you have handeled yourself with such dignity and you will have my vote in November. Hang in there! You will be a great mayor for the city of Erlanger!

  2. Melinda Loan

    Mrs. Fette, There are many Erlanger residents who see through the negative manipulation of facts and those putting their own “spin” for their personal gain. I know there’s a “good old boy” club that was squashed when Mayor Hermes took office. Erlanger was stagnant up until then. I’ve lived in Erlanger for 31 years and love it here. In my humble opinion Erlanger doesn’t need 12 council members when nearby cities that are larger get by on far fewer. I’m hoping our future includes a reduction in that number and is eventually replaced by council with fresh, forward moving ideas. As for me, I would never run for a public office because of the character assassination that goes along with politics. Sad. My daughter and I both plan to vote for you. I’ve seen what you’ve done for our city so far and so do all these people who’ve allowed you to post a sign in their yard!
    Don’t let the turkey’s get you down!

  3. Kelly p

    I’m excited when Mrs Jessica fette whens ERLANGER mayor!!!! Shes a great leader and I’m proud to have met her ! She will be a great leader and mayor for our city of ERLANGER KY .SHE DEFINITELY HAS MY VOTE . MAY GOD BLESS YOU ON THIS JOURNEY

  4. Thomas Kolkmeier

    Jessica and Jim,
    I don’t care what goes on at the national level, it is UNACCEPTABLE to drag our city down with the same tactics. If it’s true, it’s true, and if not, then don’t make something up because you don’t have a better message! I’ve worked with you over the last few years and you are everything you say you are in your social media. Jim, you and the kids are great people with only the spirit of helping others at heart. Be strong, don’t give up, and keep being real!

  5. Jan Mecklem

    I noticed from the very beginning of the campaign the stark difference between the way each candidate is representing themselves. I’m so sorry for how hard this had been for you and your family. Yet, I am also so grateful that there are still people willing to go through all of this to serve their community.

  6. Pat Coyne

    I am so sorry that your family has had to experience this ugliness. I appreciate your willingness to serve and all that you have done for Erlanger.I look forward to having you as our mayor.

  7. Jim Perry

    The attack on your character that was sent to my house this week just convinced me more than ever to fight the good old boy group who have controlled this city for decades . I know you to be a sincere, thoughtful and kind person , who researches every request from a citizen before presenting it to council. Personally, I believe having twelve people on council is a calculated decision by the “good old boys” of the smaller town of Erlanger to keep control of the city in their hands. The Egos of the older councils is on display at the west front of the city building on the monument they erected to themselves at tax payers expense. Keep up the clean campaign that you are running Jessica and the citizens of Erlanger will put you in the Mayors office. That will show your children what this city thinks of you, much more than that phony attack by your opponent .

  8. Matt Bachinski

    The unfortunate truth is that politics has become a disgusting knife fight in the last few decades. People who pay attention will remember disgusting tactics being used and I hope they will make it known that the fringe who use such tactics do not speak for open minded people. Stick to your guns and ride this out. I already voted, and would not even consider changing my vote. I’ve seen enough.

  9. Debbie S

    I am rooting for you, and voting for you. I see a sea change in the plans you are making for our community. City council needs some change as well which I plan on making with a vote. I look forward to your leadership. I can see you are transparent and honest which as a smart Woman could make some of the ole boys club nervous. Good luck to you.

  10. Linda Markwell

    I’ve never been interested much in politics, for several reasons but mostly because of the nastiness that goes on during campaigns. I don’t care to hear any of that, I don’t care what level of government it is, it’s a turn off and I believe that’s why most people don’t want to get involved and they become more hesitant to vote. It’s sad that politics has turned in to nothing but a boxing ring instead of candidates being focused on informing the public of what they’ve done and what they plan to do if elected. I am so happy that over the last several months, I’ve been able to meet not only our current Mayor, but you Jessica. After spending several minutes chatting with you, it was obvious to me that the gal who was standing in front of us was decent, kind, considerate, caring, driven and focused on continuing her goals to making Erlanger a better place for all of us. I know you’ve taken below the belt punches from your opponent and several long-standing city council members, yet you have maintained your decorum and continued holding your head up and forging ahead with your campaign in an upbeat, transparent and positive way. We definitely do not want individuals like this representing us on City Council so it’s time for new leadership and new good, kind hearted council members with fresh forward-thinking ideas to forge our city ahead! I’m sorry that you have experienced the nastiness that has taken place thus far during this campaign but I know in the end; you will come out stronger and on top!

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